Health Delivery

Investigating Care Quality

Recent developments in health reform have highlighted the need for a method and service to measure quality of care, and QURE’s CPV® vignettes fulfill this need in several ways:

  • Using measurement and feedback of provider quality to improve practice
  • Identifying targets for individual improvement to providers and areas for system level improvement to practice groups, hospitals, and payors
  • Providing the cost and frequency of unnecessary care for targeted cost reductions

CPV® vignettes measure the care for a wide range of conditions and are an accurate, inexpensive measure of quality that can bolster quality improvement programs, provide a quality threshold in specialty accountable care organizations (ACOs) and demonstrate to payors the high level of care provided at your hospital or system.

How are CPV® vignettes used in a hospital or system setting?  

  1. Establishing a baseline measurement of the quality is the first step in improving the level of care. QURE designs programs using CPV® vignettes to measure the baseline level of care for a department, physician specialty, or across multiple hospitals as part of a network-creation strategy.
  2. QURE provides the re-measurement to compare physician progress over time, with the physician Feedback Form provided between rounds to motivate practice change, which can be a core quality component for new payment contracts with payors.
  3. QURE can add a level of economic analysis to the measurement of provider quality. By measuring variation in clinical practice, we can determine the cost savings of improving practice.

Read a case study of a QURE hospital initiative or request a demo of QURE’s online CPV® platform.