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With the changing healthcare environment, the standards that new medical technology must meet for coverage and reimbursement are changing. “Medicare, just like private payers, has been increasing its use of evidence in a variety of ways to try to ensure better value for every dollar spent,” says Steven D. Pearson, MD, president of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review.

Quickest Path to Reimbursement: QURE’s Method for Attaining  Clinical Utility Data

QURE Healthcare offers a flexible, easily implemented study design that uses CPV® vignettes, which have been endorsed by the Medical Director of Palmetto GBA Medicare, Elaine Jeter as a method of evidence generation for clinical utility that will be considered by Palmetto for reimbursement decisions.

CPV® vignettes are QURE’s proprietary, validated method of measuring clinical utility and generating evidence for payer reimbursement. The vignettes can be tailored to any disease state; QURE can measure the impact of your product on clinical practice in a timely and economical manner. Clinical utility studies using vignettes follow the following steps:

Read a case study of a QURE lifesciences study.

  • CPV® vignette results can be available within 6 to 8 months, providing data not only on how your product affects diagnostic and treatment practices, but also the economic impact on costs.
  • Data on cost savings can prove vital to investors, payors and potential provider users.
  • With the experimental design, QURE studies provide peer-review-journal publishable data