What are Clinical Performance and Value vignettes or CPV vignettes?

CPV vignettes are the industry’s most effective tool to measure, monitor, and improve clinical performance and variation. CPV vignettes are simulated patients that give different doctors (or other types of providers) the same patient to take care of and measure clinical practice patterns among groups of providers. CPV vignettes control for case mix variation, meaning that by having physicians care for the same patient(s), it eliminates variation in care that might come from different patient populations.

Doctors and other providers are measured in 5 domains: history taking, physical examination, imaging and laboratory testing, diagnostic accuracy and clinical treatment or management.

CPV vignettes are ideal for measuring change over time—such as before and after an intervention or a new product is introduced—and for comparing quality and practice in different sites of care—such as between provider groups, hospitals, or countries.