How does QURE use CPV vignettes?

QURE Healthcare is committed to using CPV vignettes to improve healthcare and lower health costs in a wide variety of settings. Insurance companies, policy makers, health providers, and drug/medical device companies can all use CPV vignettes.

  • For biotech/pharmaceutical companies with a new product, QURE can design a low-cost clinical study using CPV vignettes to measure utilization of the product and its impact on clinical practice. The results provide valuable evidence to present to payers. Read more about our Life Sciences and Medical Technology work.
  • For hospitals and doctors, CPV vignettes can improve the level of care provided. Simply the act of measuring has been shown to increase the quality of care. CPV vignettes administered to physicians can help care providers target areas that need improvement in order to provide the best possible care.  Read more about our Payers and Providers work.
  • For those shaping policy, CPV vignettes are the ideal tool to raise quality and lower costs. CPV vignettes  measures physician clinical behavior and identifies where practice variation occurs, how to eliminate outliers and  what needs to be done to reduce costs and increase value. CPV vignettes help find the most cost-effective methods that hospitals systems and payers can pursue and subsequently invest in with confidence. Read more about our Policy, Government & International work.