What We Do

QURE Healthcare is a solutions-based company that measures clinical practice and assesses economic value for many different clients working to improve healthcare. Based in San Francisco, CA, QURE is an industry leader in using case-based simulation to do external performance evaluation using disease specific measures derived from the clinical evidence base.

QURE’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare worldwide through the application of Clinical Performance and Value (CPV®) vignettes, which were pioneered by QURE Healthcare’s President, John Peabody. Validated in a number of large studies in esteemed peer reviewed journals, CPV® vignettes objectively determine clinical quality at the level of the physician. Vignettes capture clinical practice patterns as they simulate a patient-provider encounter from the point of taking a history to making a diagnosis and assigning treatment.

QURE has over 18 years of experience providing reliable measures of clinical quality to doctors, other providers, healthcare systems and policy makers. We apply CPV® vignettes and our wide range of expertise in health economics, care delivery systems and reimbursement policy in three health areas:

QURE measures the Blue line and improves performance by shifting the curve to the right.