Our Team

John Peabody, MD, PhD, FACP

John is an international health care leader in measurement, health policy, health systems, and quality of clinical care. He has contributed to more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and several books on quality, measurement, economics and healthcare systems. An actively funded National Institutes of Health (NIH) researcher, John works with clinical leaders, academic medical centers and multidisciplinary teams to help healthcare organizations better align their clinical staff. For almost two decades, he has examined how health systems affect, and potentially improve, care quality and patient outcomes. His leadership in this arena has led to his placement on Institute of Medicine and NIH committees and World Health Organization task forces. He has also testified before Congress on these issues. John developed the globally adopted standard for measuring clinical practice variation, known now simply as CPV™ vignettes, the pillar stone of QURE Healthcare.

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Paul Finkle, CMC

Paul holds degrees in both economics and psychology. Over his 30-year career in management consulting, Paul has served as a senior advisor to thousands of entrepreneurial employers and personally participated as a founder in nine start-up businesses. Paul has served as an interim CEO in several healthcare organizations. Paul is currently co-chair of an employee health benefits trust, and frequently serves as an expert witness in complex litigation. Paul has presented numerous seminars, written extensively and has lectured at many universities including a regular guest lecture series at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Paul has served on the small business committee of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as the Chair of the Advisory Committee of UCSF Global Health Sciences Dinner Club Series, and serves on the board of The Consortium for Children as well as the advisory boards of several client companies.



Trever Burgon, PhD
Vice President

Dr. Burgon is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare strategy and has worked extensively with senior health system leaders across the country on projects ranging from demand forecasting and value-based payment structures to clinical technology assessment and cancer center development. In addition, Trever speaks frequently at national conferences on issues on of quality and value in healthcare. Before joining QURE, Trever served as Vice President at Sg2 (now a division of MedAssets), a health care analytics and intelligence company. At Sg2, Trever led the firm’s Center for Clinical Technology as well as the Oncology Strategy team. Trever holds a PhD from Stanford University in Microbiology and Immunology and received his BS from Brigham Young University.

Riti Shimkhada, PhD
Senior Researcher

Riti is a senior scientist at QURE responsible for modeling, sample frames and research design, specifically on data analysis and publications. Riti holds a Doctorate in Epidemiology from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she formally trained in epidemiologic methods and statistical analysis, with a special area focus on health services research. She has over a decade of experience designing studies, sample frames, and using multi-level modeling in a variety of settings, internationally and locally. As a Fulbright Fellow, she designed a study that examined the impact of community radio health programming on knowledge among women in rural Nepal.

Recently, she coordinated the Quality Improvement Demonstration Study (QIDS), an NIH-funded experiment based in the Philippines led by John Peabody, which examined the effect of health policy reforms on the physician quality of care and subsequent health status and health-care utilization of children. As the study’s Program Manager, she oversaw key study operations, which included managing a large database of indicators on physician quality, patient satisfaction, and child health biomarkers, and helped lead the data analysis team.

Her experience with Clinical Performance Vignettes has ranged from coordinating scoring to extensive data analysis of collected CPV™ data. She has been involved in the designing the research methods for clinical and policy studies that use CPV™ data as primary outcomes. She also a decade of experience with Health Impact Assessment (HIA), examining the impacts of policies on population health. She has a large publication history in the peer-reviewed literature with articles appearing in the fields of epidemiology, health policy, international health, and environmental health.

Lisa DeMaria, MA
Director of Programs

Lisa M. DeMaria joined QURE Healthcare as Project Manager in July 2011. Lisa has over 20 years experience studying health systems and healthcare quality, primarily in low- and middle-income settings. At QURE, she leads the project implementation in the company’s three business areas. In the US, she facilitates the measurement of quality at a large cancer center in the south. Internationally, she directed the implementation of the World Bank’s 6-country health systems and quality survey in eastern Europe and central Asia.   Prior to joining QURE she was a researcher and associate professor at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health focusing on quality of care for non-communicable disease, maternal and infectious disease care. She has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in countries throughout Latin America, North Africa, and Asia. Ms. DeMaria has a master’s degree in International Development with a Public Health concentration from The American University.


Othman Ouenes
Manager of Business Development

Othman joined QURE in November 2012. Othman has previous experience working in consulting policy analysis, project implementation support and other strategic business services to healthcare provider and information technology organizations. His services primarily focus on healthcare reform, health policy and health information technology.

Prior to joining QURE, Othman also served as a research assistant while attending Stanford University, where he engaged in the analysis and compilation of data on U.S. medical start-up acquisitions. He also served as a health system analyst with The Public Health Institute where he worked with health systems to plan and implement their community benefit programs, as well as completed a healthcare policy fellowship with The Bell Policy Center.


Megan Chen, MPH
Lead Data Analyst

Megan is the lead data analyst at QURE and is responsible for implementation and analytics of QURE’s CPV® platform. Megan has a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University where she worked on projects ranging from contraceptive use in Malawi to quality management evaluation for patients with developmental disabilities. Before coming to QURE, Megan was an senior associate at Mapi where she led meta-analyses and health outcomes research for pharmaceutical companies.